the itch

the itch

i wonder if there is something hardwired into our species that leads us to treat fall days as opportunities to get something done. as if our instincts tell us that harvest season is upon us, and if, for most of us, there is no longer a winter’s worth of grain and gourds to harvest, then at least it may be time to take a peek into the corners of the garage and see what kind of clutter needs clearing. it was almost dinner time this evening, near the end of a day spent just this way, that i recalled i had this little blog in my life, and it needed daily tending, and i had not yet taken today’s photo. fortunately there was a swamp white oak down near the water producing perfectly photogenic acorns just now, and preparing, in its own way, for the coming season.

swamp white oak acorn, Quercus bicolor

arden hills, saint paul, minnesota

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