that kind of mood

that kind of mood

what i first saw when i picked these bee balm flowers were the tonsured heads of monks, with bald heads and rings of hair. that analogy is a stretch, i see now. the heads are too small, and the hair too long and colorful, unless this was a particularly punk rock order of monks. maybe i leaped to the image so quickly because i have been feeling an urge to go monastic myself lately. we are trying to put our thumbs in all the little holes in the dyke, and yet the news and the distractions and the streams of unhelpful data keep leaking in. maybe i need to shave my head, and declare myself the abbott of a new sect. everyone welcome. no phones. one daily walk required. creativity encouraged. silence until dinner. then we all talk until late. follow me, my children…

bee balm (monarda)

turtle lake, shoreview, minnesota

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