in the beginning

when i thought about the right image to cap this first five-year incarnation of STILL blog, the answer came immediately. this is wild teasel, known in french as cabaret des oiseaux. I’ve told the story before, but STILL blog was born, or at least felt its first labor pains, the day i placed this very thistle head onto a sheet of white paper, and took a photo of it. the white background allowed every detail of the elegant but slightly threatening teasel to be studied at leisure. “i can do this,” i said to myself, and suddenly a creative practice, and a step toward joining the online creative community i had admired for years, both seemed possible. this will be the last post, for now, of a STILL blog image against a white background. after 1800-plus photos, without ever missing a single day, it’s time to try something new, which you will find on this same blog, when you click the “night” button, and enter that new gallery, which represents a new path for me, and a new world for STILL blog. we’ll see if we can make it another five years. if not, there will be something else. but i’m not going anywhere. you’re stuck with me. see you on the dark side.

wild teasel (cabaret des oiseaux)

autignac, france

  • Nielz says:

    Cheers and congrats to this ending era. Thank you for so many, many nice stills!
    Go for the dark!

  • Susan Robison says:

    I have loved your photos on the white background. Will be sorry to have them go away, but look forward to your new photos on the dark side.

    • Thank you, Susan. I knew there would be some who saw this as a little bit of a loss. I hope you will find a way to love the new direction eventually as much as you loved STILL on white. Thank you in either case for your comment and for being a part of STILL. Much Love,
      Mary Jo

  • Dana Burrell says:

    Mary Jo, my heart dropped on the 31st… it seemed that Still would be ending… but then I awoke on the 1st to another of your wonderful images. Even then I wondered if I’d ever see your collages. Thank you for allowing us along on your journey of creativity. I’m ready to explore night and dawn with you. I just hope I can reset my Feedly to grab your posts. A toast to you and a wonderful 2017!


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