eat your greens, eat your beans

eat your greens eat your beans

yesterday i read an article by mark bittman, a cookbook author and former new york times columnist. it was one of the saner discussions of what to eat and what not to eat that i’ve read in a long time. probably since the last time i read michael pollan. the summary is that eating well is not complicated though the food industry and processed food marketers have made it so. eat mostly plant based whole foods. eat widely. eat joyfully. avoid processed food as much as possible. don’t pay attention to diets or fads. be reasonably active. get on with your life. live long.

assorted spring salad greens

  • John Forsman says:

    Just a little advice, I was a food photographer for over 25 years, the greens look wilted and dry. Food is difficult, the photographer must be ready when the subject is. Ice cream is more difficult than salad. Rack of Lamb more difficult, monotone brown, not attractive. A small spritzer is a handy tool.


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