minimalism and differential calculus

minimalism and differential calculus

i was interviewed today  by my graduate school alma mater, stanford university, for a feature that will come out next summer in their alumni magazine. i’m pretty thrilled about it, in part because our daughter, eva, is currently a sophomore at stanford, and i sort of love embarrassing her. i’m that kind of mom. my stanford degree is a masters of science in aeronautics and astronautics, aka aerospace engineering. a career i practiced with enthusiasm for 15 years, before i quit to raise children before it was too late. as the kids got older and more independent, i eventually started a quirky little daily creative practice for myself called STILL blog. one thing led to another, and here we are–six years into my one-year, minimalist creative challenge–and stanford thought that kind of mid-life transition was interesting enough to feature in their magazine. full circle. a very strange circle. but full.

dried clematis with seed pods

  • Pantone’s color for 2018 is ultraviolet. What an inspiring representation with this photo. The tone may be deeper than the true ‘ultraviolet’ however it reminds me of my favorite color purple and this is its greatest shade (in my opinion).


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