four-leaf clover, three-blade maple seed

i’ve decided this unusual, triple-bladed maple seed samara means good luck. i haven’t decided what form my good luck will take yet. maybe it’s just the symbol of all the good luck i’ve already had over the last year, and i should just shut up and be grateful. on the other hand, our 11-year-old car really does need to be replaced…

unusual maple seed with three samaras

saint paul, minnesota


  • Mikko says:

    Nice photo. I found one of these today. I wonder how rare are these maple samara with three seeds. Googling found me only this page.


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collect, sort, photograph, repeat

a photo every day can sometimes amount to drudgery. it may look a little bit glamorous, but so does raising a child, when you don’t have to account for all those diaper changes. it’s easy to say that the discipline of the process is its own reward, but sometimes the discipline is just discipline, like running 5 miles again today, or doing another 25 pushups. today was one of those days. i looked at my husband at about 3:00 pm, and asked whether he had any ideas for still blog. he sort of drifted away and never answered. and i didn’t have any ideas either. so while i’m not claiming that this is one of my most inspired posts ever, i would say that the ratio of end quality to original inspiration is as high as can reasonably be expected, 4 years and 5 months into this project, which is to say, 1,623 images after my first post, on january 1, 2012.

rose petals, bleeding heart, red bud, forget-me-nots, creeping charlie, lilac, juniper berries, iris, wild indigo

saint paul, minnesota

  • Dede says:

    Amazing! A study in purple.

  • Kate Minor says:

    I love it. I can relate to your feeling-you expressed that really well in your writing. Despite that, you created yet another lovely image.


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golden years

every year after this will be a year in which a woman has already been nominated as the presidential candidate of a major american political party. don’t let anyone tell you it’s all going to hell these days. these are the golden years, and starting today, no girl can ever believe again that being the most powerful person in the world is impossible merely because of the particular arrangement of her chromosomes at birth.

bits of gold


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the thrill of the hunt

i couldn’t identify this one for the life of me. i spent almost an hour bumbling through descriptions, and trying a reverse google image search. then i looked at the original plant again and noticed that the seed heads were sort of umbel shaped, and so i googled mn wildflowers with umbels, which led me first to a leaf that looked right, and that leaf led me to aniseroot, and aniseroot led me to these seed heads. i just rolled one between my fingers. yup . . . anise. score! plant geekery for the win.

aniseroot seeds

sucker lake regional trail, saint paul, minnesota

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