Thank you so much for your interest in my work. It truly warms my heart.

STILL blog images lend themselves to wide and diverse use. I have so far licensed them for such far flung and unlike projects as book covers, wine labels, bedding, wall hangings, menus, wallpaper, packaging, logos, wedding invitations, and tattoos. I would love to see them used by designers, artisans, and artists worldwide.

For individual non-commercial image use:

If you are willing to do your own printing, I sell digital versions of my high-res photos for noncommercial, nonexclusive use.

If you are looking to purchase prints, I have partnered with a fine art printer in Minneapolis who will print my photos, to my standards, on high quality archival paper, and mail them to you directly.

The easiest way to browse my images is on my STILL Blog Pinterest board here.  There is also an archive here on the blog that lets you search by keyword if you are looking for something specific like “feathers” for example.

Once you’ve decided which images you want, and whether they will be digital delivery of high-res files or physical delivery of paper prints, send me an email with a screen grab of the image(s) you want. Then:

  • If you are ordering prints, I will forward you to my printer Karl Herber. Karl will take care of payment, shipping address, etc..  Prints will be shipped to you directly from the printer,  and should arrive within two weeks.
  • If you are purchasing a high-res digital file, I will send you a Paypal payment request and when I receive payment I will put your image in Dropbox and share with you a link where you can download your file.

For commercial image use:

If you are interested in commercial use of my images, please Contact Me for pricing details. Let me know which images you are interested in (screen grabs work best) and what kinds of image rights you will need (e.g. exclusivity, duration, etc.).  Although I license my images regularly, I do not always know the going standard rates in every industry. So I would also ask you to propose a price for the image use with terms, for us to begin a conversation.

Thank you so much for all you do to make this project a daily delight.

In stillness,

Mary Jo

P.S. About once a year, I will announce a special one-of-a-kind print sale on either my Instagram feed or through my newsletter. So if you want to be notified of those events, follow me Instagram here, or sign up for the newsletter through the blog.




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