when all the pieces fit

i loved jigsaw puzzles as a kid. so it stands to reason that i am a bit of a planner as an adult. not a rigid planny-planskins, just someone who likes a good challenge, and likes to put all the pieces together systematically. my husband just finished a manuscript for a food and travel memoir about our family’s first deep immersion in rural languedoc. now it is time to find a literary agent and a publisher. this is the kind of challenge i am talking about. somewhere out there, i know there is an agent who is the right person to represent this book, and a publisher who wants to publish it. we just have to find them. so, if any of you out there think you might be able provide me one piece of my puzzle, say an aunt or uncle who’s an editor at Alfred A. Knopf (to pick just one example), let me know. i’ll be putting this puzzle together for the rest of the year.

white poplar leaves

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