too busy to style

too busy to style

my husband and i are hosting a little party for 340 people on june 25. steve is a food writer, who wrote a long, beautiful article last january called “what is northern food?” next monday he will be┬ámoderating a discussion on the topic with a sort of all-star panel of chefs and food journalists, including the beloved and legendary radio host lynne rossetto kasper. in order to do justice to the event, we have spent a week working on little else, trying to plan and cater, and also trying to fill an auditorium with 340 people who will all add something to the atmosphere, and maybe, if we do everything right, create a memorable event that furthers an important conversation on a topic we love. oh and i am still the general contractor on a rehab project. and i have this little blog where i post a photo every day. every single day. no exceptions. and so today you get a fistful of late spring greenery, that, even tossed offhandedly onto a white sheet of paper, still looks fresh and beautiful. thanks spring for helping me out today.

by the way tickets are still available for the northern food event. they are only $9 and can be bought here.

handful of summer weeds

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