schist happens

unfortunately the vulgar and potentially hilarious connotations of the word “schist” do not translate from english into french. so although the faugères wine region prides itself on the local substrate of “<em>schiste</em>” that geology has endowed it with, and that gives the local wines their particular charred stone undertones, the expression “schist happens” will never be adopted by the local chamber of commerce. nor will the “pile of schist” at the corner of the plowed field cause nearly the laughter that it should. nor will the guy digging a hole who is in “deep schist.” nor the hiker who has just climbed up along the bank of “schist creek.” the poor french have no idea what they are missing. please excuse my schist-eating grin.


autignac, france

  • papelhilo says:

    haha ! never thought about this, actually !


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