really, who knew?

really, who knew?

in minnesota you can machine harvest wild rice and the grains are generally black and thin and very brittle and slightly bitter. or you can hand harvest them, as the anishinaabe have done for millenia, and then you can winnow them by hand and then parch them over a wood fire, and you get a mellow, mottled, and, to an extent i have never noticed until today, incredibly multi-hued collection of rice grains. this spectrum of colors was pulled at random from a single bag of hand harvested wild rice. i can’t stop looking at it. by the way this is experiment #2 in finding a still blog way of looking at food. it’s one of my favorite images in months if not years, because it’s beautiful and because it is so fundamentally about my home.

northern wild rice grains (Zizania palustris)

  • Tracey Martin says:

    I love finding “accidental beauty” in homemaking. It’s oddly satisfying yet slightly chastising because the beauty was always there. I was just to busy or distracted to notice.


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