don’t worry, i do not plan to turn STILL into a food blog. i simply have been house bound for a few days with with a case of shingles (aren’t i supposed to be older before that happens?). so, since i am not out walking my usual trails, i have had to turn to what i have in the house for my daily inspiration. yesterday, while i was cleaning the spice cabinet, i came across a ball jar of fennel stems and seeds that my husband @sjrhoffman harvested just as we were leaving southern france one year ago this time….one year ago…in france…only one year ago…sigh…i instinctively put one of those seeds between my front teeth and bit down, and i was temporarily driving down our local anise-scented country highway, with wild fennel stalks blowing in the wind, and grape vines sitting in well-behaved rows, before i was brought back to 10 inches of minnesota winter snow.

wild fennel stems and seeds (Foeniculum vulgare)


  • Elizabeth says:

    As long as you’re not showing cooked food, no one would think you’ve turned into a food blog. Being creative means taking risks, trying new stuff, so go for it! Bummer about the shingles, feel better!


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