a symbolic end to our busy season.  @sjrhoffman and i have arranged our lives so that we make most of our household income in the first six months of the year, freeing us up to do mostly creative work for the last six months of the year. this was a conscious evolution, that took us quite a few years to finally achieve. it sounds rather luxurious, and in many ways it is. but the reality is that we pack a year’s worth of working hours into those first six months and that takes a toll, especially right now when we are at the end of that phase, and the two overlap for a short time. someday we may strive for a more balanced annual rhythm. but it is the best solution we have found that allows us to pay the mortgage, pay college tuitions, and still grow rewarding creative careers without the stress of having to be creative for profit. i’d love to hear what solutions you’ve come up with that work for you and your families.

round lake superior beach stone

  • T. says:

    I LOVE that. I’m sure it’s hard work, but it must be so rewarding! Beautiful image too, as always.


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