feeling puny

feeling puny

these tiny siberian scilla, or squill, are coming up along our driveway in pastel blue waves right now. despite knowing that they are invasive, i love seeing them because they are one of our first doses of color after the snow melts. unfortunately i am missing this little pageant because i have managed to catch some kind of flu, just in time for spring, after surviving all winter intact. tomorrow will be day four of prostrating fatigue, headaches, chills and fever, and a sore abdomen from coughing so hard. these little flowers are puny. but not as puny as i feel right now. happy spri…cough hack wheeze…spring.

blue scilla (siberian squill)

  • Ginny says:

    While squill is delightful, the flu is just hateful! Hope you’re up and about soon, MJ.


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