a peek inside

a peek inside

m.f.k. fisher used to toast her┬átangerines on the radiator of her strasbourg apartment and then bite into them when their skin was dry and crackly and their insides were still cool and bursting with juice. nothing like that really happened this afternoon when i tried to peel away the skin of this tangerine in order to open a slightly suggestive window onto the inside of this fruit. instead, i tore a raggedy hole in the side of the tangerine, and bruised the wedges of interior flesh into a lustrous sheen. oh well. we’re not all m.f.k. fisher.

tangerine with leaves (Citrus tangerina)

  • adrianna fox says:

    I so enjoy your work. I am wondering if you have considered using a deep, dark amber background? You have black and white. Do you think a rich sunset might also work? Something warm…


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